By: Ashton Capozzi

When growing your business, LinkedIn is an amazing resource to connect you with future employees and colleagues in the field. Studies show that 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their recruiting process. And as of 2013, 57 percent of companies have an account and use the site. Make sure your company is a solid competitor. 

Success for businesses on LinkedIn comes in the form of connections. The more connections you make with members of the industry, prospective clients, or future employees, the more exposure your business gets. Keep this in mind as we go through our top ten tips for how to improve your company’s LinkedIn page. 

1. Completely Fill Out Your Profile

Your profile is a great way for clients, prospective employers, and partners to connect with your business. Use your profile to show your business model, tell information about your employees, company offerings and goals.

The more complete your profile is, the more professional it looks. For example, use the drop down boxes on your page to include information regarding your company size, location and founding. More content means a greater chance that your company will be pulled up through keywords and searches. 

2. Use Your Company Logo As The Profile Photo

Company profiles that use a profile picture are six times more likely to be viewed than companies that don’t. But unlike personal LinkedIn profiles, your company’s photo should not be a headshot or group photo.

 Use this space to familiarize visitors of your page to the company’s brand. Your logo captures the look and feel of your company, so it is important that your logo is used as the image for your profile. 

3. Write An Effective Summary

In the summary box, you have a 2,000 character limit to tell people about your company. Use this space to show who you are, what you offer and why people should work with you. 

Make sure to add any business related keywords, like “plumbing” or “consulting”, to ensure that your business profile will pop up when searched through the LinkedIn or Google database. These additions help people find your business and in turn learn about what your business can offer, so don’t skip this section or neglect to add keywords. 

4. Utilize Employee Profiles To Create Connections 

As of 2019, LinkedIn has 645 million users. On average, individual profiles have 10 times more connections than companies have followers. 

Utilize your employees, people who are most invested in your company, by having them follow the company account. Connecting with them in turn connects your business with their networks. This increases your viewing potential exponentially and widens your scope. 

Make sure to have your employees add their position at your company to their profile. This directly connects their profile to the company’s, so that each time someone visits their page, they will see your business profile as well. 

5. Gather Recommendations For Your Profile

Recommendations from satisfied customers can boost your credibility and assure potential clientele of your competence. Make sure to include these in your profile to leave a good impression on those who visit your page. 

6. Utilize LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn offers a feature that connects businesses of particular industries together in groups to discuss issues, share information and address common questions one might have regarding their fields. 

Joining a LinkedIn group is a great way to make connections on a local, national and international scale. Potential clients can contact you through these groups through direct message even if they aren’t direct members, so it is important to utilize this tool to increase your network. 

7. Contribute To The Answers Section Of LinkedIn

This section is meant to address any questions posed by connections regarding your business or field. You can use the Answers section of your profile to show your business’s knowledge and expertise, or ask questions of your own to get a feel for how your client base feels and what their concerns are. 

Contributing to this section keeps you actively engaged with those who are viewing your business and helps build real connections. 

8. Add Links To Your Company Website And Social Media Pages

When viewers access your LinkedIn page and take an interest in your company, don’t force them to open a new search engine to find more information about you. Add links to your official company page, blog, or social media feeds to optimize a connection’s experience and increase chances of future involvement with your brand. 

9. Create Your Own URL 

When you join LinkedIn, you are given a link sequence to access your profile. The default link is an impersonal combination of letters and numbers, but thankfully there is an option to customize it. Simply click on your profile, click ‘edit profile’ and you’ll find the box under your photo. 

Utilize this customizable feature to enhance your brand. We suggest you use your company’s name, but if this isn’t available, use a relevant acronym or keyword. 

10. Share Content Regularly

Posting relevant content on your LinkedIn page is one of the best ways to keep your company at the top of search results for your industry. Your content should include answers to company and industry related questions, news about new developments and events, or commentaries on how to improve business performance. 

Success with business content comes with consistency. You will only stay relevant in searches if you post content regularly. LinkedIn suggests once every weekday, but shooting for weekly or even monthly will help keep your company’s profile high up in search results. 

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to increase exposure and make connections for your business. While tips and tricks are helpful to utilize this platform effectively, it can still be a difficult process. 

If your business needs help creating a great LinkedIn page, contact us at 1893 Brand Studio. We have on staff a host of writers, marketing experts and brand designers who can help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.