By: Merritt Strodel

Twitter has 145 million monetizable daily users that see advertisements, making it a great interactive platform for your business to engage with its audience.  

The most successful business accounts on Twitter are compelling and unique, telling their business’ story with some personality. In order to optimize your business Twitter profile, here are some helpful tips:

1. Build your brand’s profile

Your Twitter profile is an opportunity to tell your story to the community.

When choosing a profile picture and banner, make sure both are consistent with your brand’s image. Many companies use their logo as their profile picture, allowing them to be clearly identified among other profiles and get a little more creative with the banner.

Another important aspect of your company’s profile is its bio. While some companies overlook bios, your bio highlights your business and its personality, making it a necessity in your profile. 

Lastly, utilize the “Pinned Tweet” option as an extension of your profile and to demonstrate your business goals. If your business’ goal is to sell products, highlight your products in the Pinned Tweet and include a link to them. This will be the first tweet that users see, so choose a tweet that accurately reflects your business and will help your company stand out. 

2. Tweet often, but not too often

Once your profile is completed and distinguishes your brand, you can tell your brand’s story strategically through tweets. 

You want to ensure your tweets reflect the personality of your brand, keeping a consistent tone that accurately reflects your company.

You also want to ensure your Twitter presence is consistent, but not spammy. 92% of companies tweet more than once a day, 42% tweet one-to-five times a day, and 19% tweet six-to-ten times a day. Opting for the two-to-five tweets per day is a good range.

3. Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are a great way to increase your brand’s reach to new audiences in the Twitter community.

But using too many hashtags can be more harmful than helpful. Tweets with one to two hashtags have a 21% higher engagement than tweets with more than three. 

Since you want to limit the number of hashtags per tweet, you want to choose them wisely. RiteTag is a great tool to see which hashtags have more engagement, which can help you optimize your hashtags for the most success.

4. Engage with your audience

Twitter is an interactive social platform, and brands that are more interactive show higher success rates.

Asking questions, creating polls and using relevant hashtags are all ways to increase interaction between your company and the community. You should also actively respond to comments and direct messages from your audience, as it shows the community that you care about them. 

Lastly, monitoring Twitter for keyword mentions can help your company find more opportunities to engage with the audience. For example, if you’re a local restaurant and you search for specific terms like “restaurant recommendations,” then you can respond to these tweets, increasing your audience interaction. 

5. Use Twitter Ads and Cards 

Twitter Ads are a great way to promote your brand amongst its everyday tweets. You’ll want to take advantage of Twitter Ads and use them strategically.

Tweets with photos receive a 35% boost in retweets. To ensure your ads and tweets are capturing the audience, use Twitter Cards in them. There are many different Twitter Card options that will help your tweets capture the audience’s eye and ultimately increase your reach.

How 1893 Brand Studio can help

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